A London Stock Exchange Company – Chairman and Secretary, MiddleCap Limited

In this period of financial crisis, it is more important than ever to look for solutions that bring hope, and Chairman & CEO of MiddleCap Group wish to highlight the positive points of their recent fundraising campaign: “The success of this fundraiser has proved once again that a simple idea can spark enthusiasm and help fund millions of dollars in charitable giving.” Miroslav Vyboh explains the reasons behind the fundraiser: “The MiddleCap organization was founded to provide investment opportunities for people with a long term goal in mind – a secure retirement… MiddleCap believes in the principle that ‘if you work hard, you will work smarter’. Our company’s long term vision is to build an organization that matches individual needs with customized investments that are designed to meet those needs.” The current goal of MiddleCap is to raise funds in order to establish MiddleCap Wealth Management Lending to a specialized group of independent directors, one of whom will be Chairman & CEO, who will have day-to-day management authority. Miroslav Vyboh emphasizes that, “If this endeavor had been launched two years earlier, it would have taken much longer – nine months to a year – because we needed to find a suitable partner.”

Why Should a Company’s Chairman Be Non-Executive?

Miroslav Vyboh goes on to note that the new MiddleCap board will consist of eighteen members: twelve members from Miroslav’s own Middle CAP advisory team and six members from the Middle CAP advisory team of Mayfair Ltd. Middle Cap will be responsible for buying and selling MiddleCap assets during its annual meetings. The stated purpose of these meetings will be to discuss issues that affect MiddleCap’s future strategy and planning, and how the company will use the funds raised from the sales of MiddleCap assets. According to Miroslav Vyboh “we want to be careful not to hamper the independence of our new board member”. The new Board Chairperson will be selected by MiddleCap Management Company Limited itself. And this will be done through a voting procedure by MiddleCap Management Company Limited.

A meeting has also been scheduled for Friday, September 7 at the offices of Luxembourg Private Equity. A press release will follow. The Chairman of Mayfair plc (a leading commercial property developer in London) Mr. Robert Davis will be attending the meeting in order to further strengthen London as a prime location for business investment. He is due to meet with representatives of the Chinese Government and the EU’s High Representative for Trade, Mr. Philip McKenna, later this month.

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