Library Bookshelves and Racks

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A library bookshelf, or library shelf, is usually a single unit with open shelves, usually in a vertical cabinet, intended to store printed materials or books. Bookcases are usually used in public, school and library libraries, offices and stores. In the United States, bookcases and shelves are made of various materials, including wood, metal, glass and paper.



In an office or library environment, library bookcases and shelves are placed in the reading areas or on the reading sides of the room. The shelves should have ample space for one’s browsing needs and should not obstruct traffic, as much as possible. This should be done to make it easy for people to navigate to their preferred section of the books or publications. For example, in school, reading shelves should have enough room to hold the books that a student has selected for the week. The same principle applies to libraries, where the reading shelves should be wide enough to accommodate all the books, periodicals and printed materials that are present in the library.


When choosing a bookshelf or rack, one should select library bookshelves and shelving that will complement the entire room’s decor, including wallpaper, curtains, rugs, paintings and other decorative items. A bookshelf should not be so tall that it takes up too much floor space, and it should not be so long that it cuts off the flow of sunlight into the rooms. The material or type of wood should also be considered, as it greatly affects the way a book can be displayed and handled. One should also take into account the shelf’s locking capabilities. Some shelving units allow books to be locked in, either by the pages or by a simple lockable cover. There are a number of options when choosing library bookshelves and racks, and it’s advisable to first look at samples before making the final decision.

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