Google AdSense – How Does It Work?

Google Ads Words is an internet marketing platform developed by Google, in which advertisers bid for placement to display short paid ads, product offers, service offerings, or visual content to online users. It may display ads both on the top results of major search engines such as google Ads Advertising, as well as on other non-search sites, apps, and social media sites. The price per click is, how much a company pays to have their ad displayed on a Google Search result page, while the cost per mile is how much they pay to have their ad displayed on a Google Maps location. If your ads are clicked on, companies who use Google AdWords pay based on how many times a visitor clicks on their ads.

Google AdWords Advertising Strategy

To be classified as a relevant site in Google AdWords advertising, websites must display, as appropriate, a reasonable amount of high-quality, unique content. Google AdWords allows advertisers to specify both the type of content to feature and how much of that content should be relevant to the advertisers’ ads. AdWords advertisers may also choose to exclude certain parts of a website from their advertising network if the website does not display relevant ads. Website owners who use Google AdSense advertising may also opt to target geographic areas. This means that a website may only be categorized as relevant for a specific geographic area, rather than for all types of visitors.

AdWords allows advertisers to run multiple advertisements on their website. These may appear on the side column of a website or at the bottom, above the fold, on the right hand side of a website. Google AdWords advertisers are only charged when a visitor to the website clicks on an ad. Google AdSense claims that it provides publishers with relevant ads, but this depends on how much actual content you provide on your website versus how much content a search engine deems is relevant to ads.