Keyword Research – Understanding What it Involves

Search Engine Optimization is the act of increasing the quality and volume of site traffic to either a specific web page or a particular website from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. SEO targets free traffic rather than paid or direct traffic. In other words, SEO guru services are focused on maximizing a website’s potential traffic as well as increasing a site’s ranking in search results for relevant keywords. SEO services include link building, content writing, and keyword research. However, SEO is a very broad field with many subtopics.

SEO Guru – The quality and volume of site traffic to either a specific web page 

One of the more popular subtopics within SEO is pole position marketing (or PR). Pole position marketing involves using search engine optimized keywords in the site content, links, blogs, press releases, and advertisements to get a high rank at the top of search results for those same keywords. This is a form of marketing that draws on two main strategies; backlinking and keyword optimization. Backlinks, which links found within other sites pointing back to your own, are a major component of pole position marketing.


Another subtopic of SEO is off-site optimization. Off-site optimization refers to elements within the actual website itself that can be optimized to get higher rankings. Examples of these include meta tags, directory listings, image tags, user names and passwords, and so on. A variety of off-site factors are being measured and researched by SEO services in order to improve website usability, user experience and user conversion rates for both businesses and their customers.